New Business Start Ups...


"You could be due a TAX refund in your first year"

If you have just started in business then DSL can help you. DSL offers Accounting Services to hundreds of new business start-ups each year at competitive & affordable rates. Depending on your needs, DSL can do everything from register your business and give you advice, through to completing your first set of accounts, helping you make TAX savings and to assess if you are due a TAX refund. Often, at the beginning, people make the mistake of procrastinating over their TAX, not keeping valuable receipts and leaving things until the last moment, causing themselves unnecessary stress and expense. It is essential to be proactive with organised accounts right from the start and with DSL's help you will probably save money in the process. 

We offer the most competitive prices for the services we provide. All our clients benefit from having free on going advice and telephone support.

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